Lanna Model

США | Майами-Бич
Мои метки
  • Рост
    160 см
  • Вес
    43 кг
  • Возраст
  • Грудь
    86 см
  • Талия
    60 см
  • Бёдра
    90 см
  • Размер одежды
    XS [EUR 0]
  • Размер обуви
    US women 0 [EUR 12]
  • Волосы
    Длинные, Рыже-каштановый
  • Глаза
  • Тип внешности
I need something to stimulate my senses! I am all about the moment and I live to create art. please feel free to contact me with your ideas. I am very open, easy to work with, and tend to give everyone a chance to collborate their visions with me. I am really looking for more projects that are on the avant garde, macabre, and emotional side of life. I paticularly like to make bold statements or use cryptic messages in most all of my art and I would like the opportunity to express this more through modeling.

Body Modifications:

- Navel punctured
- Ears pierced
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