Marina L.

Model, Visagist
Ukraine / Kiev
Height Bust Waist Hips Weight Age
174 cm 88 cm 61 cm 93 cm 52 kg 27
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Job types
  • Shootings for magazines and calendars
  • Exhibitions
  • Creative photosessions
  • Cinema
  • Video ads
  • Face-art
  • Body-art
  • Hair Styling
  • Ready for hair coloring
  • Ready for hair cut
  • Fashion shows, defile
  • Defile in linen / swimsuits
  • Erotic shootings for magazines and calendars
  • Nu photo
  • Party
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About me
Hello ! My name is Marina! 25 years old. I am professional model and working during 7 years in different countries in the world. From 6-7 years old I wanted to become professional photo model! Its was my dream and this dream are already fulfilled . My first shooting was in 16 years. Its was amazing ! And after this I was gone to model school and learned and worked for became good model. I love my job -its making me happy. I like my body I dont afraid to experimentally with it. I can plan any shooting, the idea, and I also can to do make-up and I have a lot of costumes! I have been working with professional photographers and amateur photographers and also with photographers who to begin study in this sphere.
Photomodel , Visagist
I very often travelling in different countries to get to know cultures, traditions and meet with new people . I every time to connect my job with travelling.