Карина Dj Shar.K Шарипова

Россия / Южно-Сахалинск
Рост Бюст Талия Бедра Вес Возраст
173 см 88 см 63 см 90 см 56 кг 34 года
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О себе
без движения - погибаю. хищница, всегда добиваюсь своей цели
Dj. Shar.K модель. танцовщица http://sharipovakarina.pdj.ru/ ************** Dj Shar.K***************** favorite guests, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Russia, Indonesia. and ......... Resident club PARCODEICIGNI Italy. http://sharipovakarina.pdj.ru/ Shar.K Since the 1993 year this lady is storming the the russian show-business stage. When she was a little girl she was wining the audience as a theatre and a circus artist in a different shows. She was a hoyden. But when she was 15-th, she had started an adult life as a dancer and become a member of the erotic ballet the Cream Girls (now it's kown as the erotic Light Show). She had been playing on tour a lot of russian and a foreign dance floors and also worked with the well-known Benny Benassi. She had acted in a different TV-shows, music videos, promos, and an appointment desk calendars in Russia and Europe (A Ferrari tuning company, Playboy, gasprom and many more). In 2010 she was invited the world project by the famous italian photographer Mikele Cepi "Eyes wide shut" and so on and so on. People seldom can boast of such a charisma and energetics to share with. Since 2004 Karina has been organizing the performances and shows and thoroughly collaborating with popular promoters, groups, companies, stage directors, producers, clubs and public houses(U. Miloslavskiy (Escobar, Arena, Opium), D. Popov (Jet Set Holding, SPB Marlboro MXTronica), Radio Record (the frirst dace music station in Russia) and so on). And Now she is a creative director of the Spin Managment Company - Street Spirit Organization (Drag racing, street racing, aquabike and motobike championships). She surports the large-scale festivals, open-airs, evednts and activities in St.-Petersburg, Moscow and the other cultural Russian ceners. And as you can see, this girl isn't going to stop her own achievement. Not without reason her name is Shark. That sea animal is dying if it won't move and act, it's a predator, which is always succeeding. Karina means beautiful woman on a many world ancient languages and the reality is true. And today she's on the stage again, but not as dancer or a model. Dj is her new role! She loves music since the childhood. And not by any chance she have visited musical art-school for 5 years, where she has been learning how to play the piano. As a dj, she plays absolutely different kinds of music, depending on her moods! Wherever You were: a tender beach or a noisy club, a glamourous fashion demonstration or crazy sport racing event, - rely, that it will always have a correct and suitable musical accompaniment!!! FOR BOOKING - [email protected] [email protected] ***** and official page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/SharKtdj *****