Become the face of a online marketing campaign (man & women)

Требуется: Модель
Тип работы: Промо-модель
Условия оплаты: 150 USD в месяц
Когда: Не указано
Где: Киев, Украина
Возраст: от 30 до 45 лет
We search you! Become the face of a stock broker company (marketing campaign).
You are between 30-45 years old, have fun to taking pictures and videos of your self (like a YouTuber)?

Than you are the right person - Apply now.
• 6-10 photos in a month
• 4-6 videos in a month
• Working from home or studio in Kiev
• No professional equipment needed
• Long term cooperation
Опубликовано: 16.04.18 14:21

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