Работа в Москве

Требуется: Модель
Тип работы: Модель для фотосъемки
Условия оплаты: 200 USD
Когда: Не указано
Где: Москва, Россия
For shooting video we need an two actress. STRICTLY English-speaking woman of Latin and of European appearance. The main requirement for both - good English language without Russian accent. Pleasant appearance. A slim body. Payments over $ 200 for one day of shooting. Casting Date 8 February. Moscow Date of shooting on 21 February. Moscow Send us mail, photos (2prof. pictures +2 real life photos) - FULL NAME - Growth - Knowledge of English (spoken, Fluent or native) - Having an accent (if there is any country accent) - Age - Link to social network - Your mobile phone With a note in the subject line "Casting 8 February"
Опубликовано: 3.02.17 23:17

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