Come and work in Germany - learn about the country and the modelbusiness here

Фотограф Боппард

First i wish all readers a blessed and happy new year. Thank you for all attention in the past.

Actual my personal situation is very good - so i decided to start an offer for models here:

For 3 models i pay up to 200 Euro the costs for coming here in Germany.

The region is in South-West, in the center between Frankfurt - Cologne - Luxemburg.

You will be picked up at airport or station and you can stay here for the time that you need and want for free. You will live in the guestroom. My advice is: not stay less than one week and not longer than two weeks.

If you like we will build relationships to fotographers and so on in that time and you will know if it will be good to come here again or not.

We will arrange paid fotosessions with fotographers around here or in my studio, we can visit agencies and castings if you want. I will be your companion, so you can feel safe.

It is a work, that i practiced successful in the past.

Up to your travelcosts you get 50% of the gage, onwards 100%. This is to make it possible for more than 3 models.

If you are not experienced as a model we can do model-coaching for free in the first days of your presence here. You will not need large wardrobe. There is a huge selection present in usual sizes.

Please look for an example in my reviews and a model's profile with me as administrator:

Many things are possible for those who are ready to come. I know that in countries like Russia or Ukraine it is may sound not serious. I only can tell you, that it is serious. It is what i can offer.

If i could offer other ways i would.

Beside this it is possible to visit cities like Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn, Mannheim, Trier, Saarbrücken, Luxemburg, see the rivers Rhine and Mosel.

As there are a lot of details still to arrange please write your questions and expectations to prevent misunderstandngs.

What do i expect from a model?

You are ready to work when you are here.

You let me know your conditions for work, the styles you are ready to work (nude not nessecary).

You should not have tatoos and piercings.

You speak and understand at least a little english or german.

You are ready to support me here in household.

You work as my model in studio for free for some hours.

There are existing communities

on facebook

on vk

I invite to join there and see more details

Your message, application here is welcome as well!

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