Вакансия: требуется Модель для фотосъемки в Париж

Требуется: Модель
Тип работы: Модель для фотосъемки
Условия оплаты: 200 EUR
Когда: Не указано
Где: Париж
Пол: Женский
Возраст: от 17 до 25 лет

Dear Models,

We're looking for artistic female models for a shoot. Everything from glamour, lingerie, fashion, nude, artistic, pin up, etc. I would like to work with new models but this is not excludes experienced models.For girls travelling from East Europe or else we need you to be visa ready. You'll have all your travel expenses covered and opportunity to work and meet people in the business.You'll get a fixed fee of 200 euros and also you receiving 100+ images for your portfolio.You must speak basic English or French. Non experienced models need at least snaps and social media account with photos.The location and the exact dates are not yet confirmed probably France or Spain.Quality results can be submitted to major magazine editors such as Vogue, MF , Paper etc.We need snaps or port and full details in your application (dimensions - age - previous works - links).

Опубликовано: 13.01.17 11:10

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